Bag Gloves

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rb10 black 1800x1800
237,09 €

The RB10 Intelli-Shock bag glove is the result of 2 years of development with some of boxing’s best athletes and has been designed to give the boxer the ultimate...

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2 1500x1500
229,17 €

Cleto Reyes High Precision Gloves are a new model specially designed for training on a punching bag and mitts. The gloves are handmade from premium leather with a specific...

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rb50 black
114,39 €

New and improved bag gloves. A redesigned look, a slick shape and an improved fit. These gloves provide good protection and excellent feedback when hitting mitts or a heavy...

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BGBK Boon Sport
66,89 €

Leather bag gloves designed for practicing punches on heavy bags and punch mitts.

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rfx g is und 1800x1800
217,30 €

This popular glove provides the exact same feeling as our pro fight gloves, but with the added protection of D3O© Intelli-Shock Absorption Technology.