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rrsb 01 front 1800x1800.png
6,15 €

An eco-friendly choice for all your shopping needs. Made of durable, non-woven polypropylene with printed Rival graphics.

Vecors Lace Conversion 5
15,99 €

Do you want to train with lace-up gloves, but don't have someone to tie them for you or don't want to keep asking someone to tie them for you? Vecors Lace Conversion straps are...

deodorizing pouches 01 1800x1800.png
20,09 €

Filled with the amazing absorbency power of activated bamboo charcoal, the Rival Deodorizing Pouches help dry out any moisture from your equipment in between sessions to keep...

rjr9 1800x1800.png
23,99 €

Jump rope with PVC wrapped steel cable.

rival reflexball 01 750x.png
24,61 €

Develop your reflexes and improve your hand-eye coordination with this lightweight yet ultra-durable training tool. Recently updated and improved, the Rival Reflex Ball allows...

jumprope RJR7 01 1800x1800
25,63 €

Jump rope with aluminum handles and steel cable covered in plastic.

rival handwrap roller 1800x1800
40,60 €

Constructed from solid steel, this roller has been designed to withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest gyms. Roll up your handwraps tightly, quickly and without...

maizeball 6 02 1800x1800.png
61,10 €

Rival Maize Ball, also referred to as a "slip bag", is a boxing accesory intended for practicing slipping punches. The slip bag is hung so that it is approximately at the level...

Rival FistWork Gauntlet
61,51 €

The Rival FistWork Gauntlet can be easily attached to any boxing glove with a hook & loop closure.

rival saunasuit hood
77,92 €

The Sauna Suit is the ideal tool for the athlete looking to shed those last couple of pounds before the weigh-in.

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rbnw 1800x1800
81,61 €

The Rival B&W (Bob and Weave) is an excellent accessory for your heavy bag workouts. Perfect not only for your punching and offensive skills, but your defensive bob and weave...