Fairtex is one of the leading Thai manufacturers of equipment for Muay Thai, MMA and other combat sports. Fairtex products are characterized by functionality, high-quality materials and first-class manufacturin. All products are made in Thailand.

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Borsone da palestra Fairtex Duffel BAG14 2 839x
63,60 €

Light, compact, oval shoulder bag by Fairtex.

fairtex super sparring locked thumb boxing gloves bgv5 black combat arena 1 999x999
107,60 €

Compared to other Fairtex models, these gloves have a wider cuff with velcro for better wrist support and a thicker layer of padding. Thanks to better shock absorption, they are...

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bgv1 black 01
111,60 €

Classic Thai gloves made of premium leather. Traditional Muay Thai style construction allows more wrist movement for clinching.

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bgv9 black website 1
115,60 €

Boxing gloves that have a classic Mexican design, less padding in the knuckle area, a flat impact surface and a longer construction. Excellent gloves at half the price of...

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127,60 €

Teardrop shape design allows for punching, elbowing, kneeing and working on the "inside".


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