The Rival company was founded by Canadian Russ Anber, a trainer and cutman active in the field of professional boxing for several decades. He transformed his personal experiences into the design of the boxing equipment he now sells. Rival brand products are characterized by innovation, the use of new materials, high functionality and quality.


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Klíčenka Rival
3,51 €

Keychain in the shape of a boxing glove.

rrsb 01 front 1800x1800.png
5,91 €

An eco-friendly choice for all your shopping needs. Made of durable, non-woven polypropylene with printed Rival graphics.

11,03 €

Rival Mexican Handwraps provide perfect comfort and protection thanks to its soft fabric and slight stretch. 

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handwraps guerrero burgundy
12,61 €

A perfect hybrid of mexican handwraps and traditional cotton handwraps, the Guerrero wraps offer superior tension along with a thicker, comfortable wrap for added strength,...

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rfg black 01 1800x1800
17,73 €

RIVAL FIST GUARD An easy-on/easy-off padded fist guard, perfectly designed to use under your handwraps for added protection.

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rival reflexball 01 750x.png
23,64 €

Develop your reflexes and improve your hand-eye coordination with this lightweight yet ultra-durable training tool. Recently updated and improved, the Rival Reflex Ball allows...

jumprope RJR7 01 1800x1800
24,63 €

Jump rope with aluminum handles and steel cable covered in plastic.

TSHIRT Rival corpo BLACK 750x
27,19 €

Soft and comfortable, the Rival Corpo T-Shirt is great for casual, everyday use, or for your most rigorous training sessions. Our basic colors are made of 100% ringspun cotton,...

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rival ea tshirt 01 750x
27,19 €

The Rival Elite Active Training Apparel Collection is a newly designed line of performance training apparel. Quality, style and comfort are the signature trademarks of this...

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rgw 02 01 1800x1800.png
31,13 €

This innovative design features an 8mm gel pad integrated into a fingerless glove made of soft, breathable neoprene. Combined with an attached, Mexican handwrap in the length...

rival ea shorts 01 750x
33,49 €

The Rival Elite Active Training Apparel Collection is a newly designed line of performance training apparel. Quality, style and comfort are the signature trademarks of...

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rkg 01 1800x1800.png
33,49 €

Designed for boxers of all levels, the Rival Intelli-Shock Knuckle Guards offer a half-inch-thick layer of highly protective D3O shock-absorption foam wrapped in a breathable...

rival handwrap roller 1800x1800
39,01 €

Constructed from solid steel, this roller has been designed to withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest gyms. Roll up your handwraps tightly, quickly and without...

rival ea leggings 01
41,37 €

Sporting leggings made of a smooth, ultralight, stretchy fabric.  These Rival leggings offer you the compression, flexibility and fit for every movement. Breathable mesh has...

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maizeball 6 02 1800x1800.png
58,71 €

Rival Maize Ball, also referred to as a "slip bag", is a boxing accesory intended for practicing slipping punches. The slip bag is hung so that it is approximately at the level...

RGB20 04
58,71 €

Rival gym bag. 

rival boxing backpack 1800x1800 (1)
62,65 €

Tried and tested, this backpack is specifically designed with the boxer and his equipment in mind.

rgb50 orange
62,65 €

Rival gym bag.

RPM7 blue white 1800x1800
62,65 €

Boxing mitts for beginners and recreational athletes. A professional feel at a fitness price!

74,47 €

Rival gym bag.

rival saunasuit hood
74,86 €

The Sauna Suit is the ideal tool for the athlete looking to shed those last couple of pounds before the weigh-in.

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rbnw 1800x1800
78,41 €

The Rival B&W (Bob and Weave) is an excellent accessory for your heavy bag workouts. Perfect not only for your punching and offensive skills, but your defensive bob and...

rhg2 white 02
82,35 €

The Rival RHG2 Hybrid Headgear is the thinnest, lightest headgear in Rival's collection. The Hybrid concept combines the visibility and lightness of an amateur competition...

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102,05 €

With a completely re-engineered, re-designed construction, the NEXT generation RS4 2.0 is now manufactured with a super resistant microfibre and an improved low density foam...

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pro gym bag 2
102,05 €

Rival sports bag that can be carried over the shoulder or as a backpack.

rb50 black
105,99 €

New and improved bag gloves. A redesigned look, a slick shape and an improved fit. These gloves provide good protection and excellent feedback when hitting mitts or a heavy...

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rpm11 gold b
109,93 €

The RPM11 Evolution Punch Mitts are designed using high-density layered foam padding which provides maximum absorbtion against power punches. It has small, oval...

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Rival headgear guerrero facesaver black large
117,81 €

While designed to withstand the hard sparring of professionals, this headgear is also perfect for the amateur or recreational boxer looking for that added facial protection....

117,81 €

Designed for the perfect fit and manufactured of super resistant Microfibre, these Impulse Sparring Gloves are a perfect combination of peak performance, comfort and...

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rpm5 2 red white blue 1800x1800
120,17 €

Ultra-light and made of indestructible Super Rich Microfiber, the Parabolic Punch Mitt offers a firm and durable hitting surface designed to eliminate the...

157,21 €

The RHG10 is the result of 2 years of evolution and heightened improvements, we have worked very closely with a lot of athletes in the boxing world to bring you a head...

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rs11v 02 black 01 1800x1800.png (1)
180,85 €

Rival RS11V Evolution boxing gloves are high-quality, durable gloves with advanced features for excellent protection and comfort during training and fights. These gloves contain...

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rhg100 2 black 01 1800x1800.png
188,73 €

Rival RHG100 Professional Headgear provides an excellent balance between comfort, visibility and protection. The headgear is made of highly durable microfiber, a comfortable...

rpm10 black 1800x1800.png
188,73 €

Made for high-performance training, this original punch mitt design uses Rival’s exclusive D3O© Technology on its large punching surface to provide maximum impact absorption....

rival RPM100 whitegold 01
196,61 €

These mitts were designed, developed and constructed using  the best materials available. The RPM100 incorporates the new Feather Lite layered foam and also the Super Rich...

rfx g sff black
224,19 €

The most comfortable and most ergonomically correct Pro Fight glove on the market today.

rfx g hdef white (1)
224,19 €

Laminated with a high density EVA foam and padded with a perfectly cut Rubitex foam, this glove has been Rival's most popular and trusted model and has been used by some of...

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rb10 black 1800x1800
236,01 €

The RB10 Intelli-Shock bag glove is the result of 2 years of development with some of boxing’s best athletes and has been designed to give the boxer the ultimate...

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rs1 20 black 750x.png
236,01 €

This limited edition was produced to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the revolutionary design of the Rival RS1 Pro Sparring Glove. The gloves were originally launched in...

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rival RS100 bluesilver 01 1800x1800
236,01 €

The RS100 Professional Sparring Glove is an outstanding professional glove that will give you countless rounds of high performance sparring.

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468,87 €

The best body shield in the market. 


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